Android Auto (and Google Maps) on Fairphone Open

I’m seriously considering switching to Fairphone Open (and consequently deleting my Google Account completely upon success). Since I view that as a step not taken lightly I’m currently compiling a thorough list of Apps I use regularly and trying to find FOSS (or at least non-Google) alternatives for each. One of the few issues left is Android Auto, which works really well in my car and which I would definitely miss.
Does anyone have experience with running Android Auto on Fairphone Open? Also, since it relies on Google Maps as the only supported Navigation engine, I’d like to ask the same question about Google Maps - How well does it work on Fairphone Open? Does it work without a Google account?


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I installed Google Maps for my wife (she isn’t ready to let it go) and it works fine with microG and UnifiedNLP backends. A good thing is that you can use Google Maps without logging in to a Google account, You lose customization of addresses, offline maps, and it will nag you from time to time about the benefits of using a Google account, but with this setup you will be giving Google very little information about who you are, where you go, and what you do.

Google Maps shouldn’t be a problem, as @Dr_Cool said.
But you will defently have problems with Android Auto. Any post I found so far, says that it won’t work or it worked with a lot of workarounds.
Honestly: I gave up and installed openGapps (pico or nano is sufficiant) on Lineage OS.

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You can use OsmAnd and OpenStreetMaps with lot of interestess point

You can download F-droid and aptoid

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I am aware of OsmAnd. My question was specifically targeted at Android Auto, which at the moment does not accept any navigation software other than Google Maps.

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