Android 9: Charging indicator too low (1 bar) after charging while switched off

I usually switch off my FP2 in the evening and then I’m charge it using a “Fritzbox” DSL USB port, because it is using standby power anyway; this always worked in the past.
Now when I look at the phone in the morning, the charge indicator is fixed at what looks to me as one bar of the indicator.
When I start the phone, it comes up with 99 % as expected though.
So this looks like a problem with indicator.
Is there some trick for that ? Does it makes sense to open a (minor) bug report for it) - currently I couldn’t find one.
I’ll go checking, how charging with a “real” USB charger behaves in this respect.

That’s a known bug from the beta phase - one bar probably means 110% charged (not 10%) :slight_smile:


Ah yes, knowing it should be there I found it:

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