Android 9 Adaptive Battery: not supported?

Does anyone know why FP3 doesn’t support the “adaptive battery” feature of Android 9? Even when I go to the “Device Health Services” app in the Google Play store, which I think is used by “adaptive battery”, it says my device isn’t compatible with this version. Why?

As far as I can tell, my FP3 has Adaptive Battery up and running. I have my OS language set to German, where the feature is obviously called „Akku-Manager“.

If you set the language to English, the “Akku-Manager” is obviously called “Battery Manager” :wink: .

Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:
Well, the battery manager is there, true, but it’s not what I meant. I referred to the screen seen in this article:

This feature should automatically restrict background activity of rarely used apps. I know I can do that manually in battery manager but still I’m wondering about the discrepancy and the lack of this feature. Why is that so?
Interestingly, I have a second phone also running Android Pie and I have it there… That’s why I even raised that question. I hope you understand what I mean :wink:

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As far as I can tell, the FP3 Battery Manager IS Adaptive Battery, it just uses a simpler screen without the fancy graphic. The only important thing on the screen is the toggle anyway.

I’m actually not so sure whether this really is completely the same. In my opinion there’s a difference: Where Battery Manager is manual, Adaptive Battery is automatic. Unfortunately, I cannot find much information about it either. All I see are the differences between the two phones I have here.

Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do either, I was just curious…

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