Android 7.1.2 Nougat contacts & groups

With android 7.1.2 came back the groups in the contacts app.
How do I create a group and wich account I have to create or use?
Any hints?
Thanks in advance!

Nada, NIL, niente, nothing???:astonished:
Nobody here who knows something about?:thinking:

Unfortunately I don’t use Android 7.1.2 (I’m on LOS 15.1), but I guess groups won’t work on the (local / non-synchronized) phone account. That would mean you’ll have to create the contacts on an account replicated by CalDAV, e.g. using DAVx5 (or something similar) e.g. to a Nextcloud server.


Thank You for the hint. I will give it a try…:wink:

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