Android 6 and SD cards


I wonder if I’m getting things right. With Android 6 either:

  • SDcard is internal storage and you can’t tell what file is in soldered memory of the phone or on SDcard ;
  • SDcard is external storage and nearly no application (including Amaze with root priviledge) are able to write on it.

Or do I miss something that would make more sense ?

Not quite. When adopting the SD card, you have to choose ONE location for user data (that is data every app has access to and which is also accessible via USB, like photos, videos, downloads). This can be either the phone’s internal storage or the SD card. But you can move apps and their private data between both locations. Also, some apps allow you to choose a storage location for their data even when using adoptable storage (e. g. Google Play Music).

It really depends on the app. If it doesn’t fully support the Android 6 storage API there is nothing you can do (except complain to the app developer).


I use the SD card as external storage and the following works great for me:

  • Camera saves all pictures and videos to the SD card.
  • Spotify Downloads Music to the SD Card
  • Pocket Casts Downloads podcasts to the card
  • My completed mp3 archive of pre spotify times is on the card.

So, I can hardly say no application uses it. Almost all data hungry apps I use can save their media files to the card. And I still have a more then 12GB free phone storage. This is way I always recommend to use the SD card as media storage.

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Do you have a file explorer app which allow you to manager your files between internal and external storage ?

I not sure for OpenCamera [edit 20171211 in fact it works], but OpenNote Scanner can’t write neither on external storage.

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