Android 4.4 status and Bluetooth

hi, according to the news update there was going to be an update to kitkat 4.4 in september. It’s almost october now and no new updates.

when can we expect this to be ready? Will it solve the many bluetooth issues I’m seeing with my phone? having to restart 5 times a day to connect to different BT devices is getting very annoying…

thank you

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We’re still in the works for the upgrade and are currently ironing out issues found by our volunteer testers. Among the issues are also Bluetooth problems.

That means two things:

  1. Unfortunately the upgrade is not ready yet.
  2. We cannot promise the Bluetooth problems will go away with the upgrade.

I hope you see the dilemma we are in: We want to release this as fast as possible, while at the same time also deliver the best experience for you, our users. If you are very eager to get your hands on Kitkat for FP1, you can join our testers.


thanks fjtr;
I’ll see if I can join the testcrew

best regards