Android 4.4 announcement: FP1 not U?

I notice, in the email I received, that A4.4 is announced for the FP1U, which is the second batch of FP1 phones, if I get it right.
I was among the first 5000 backers, so I suppose my FP1 is just that: FP1, not FP1U. Is that right?
If so, and provided that I do unify the storage (still not done on my phone), will I still be able to upgrade to Android 4.4?

There previously wasn’t a difference between the updates/images for the FP1U and the repartitioned FP1, so I expect the update will be available for all versions of the FP1. There’s no mention of differences between models in the blog post announcing the 4.4 version. Also, I know at least two people in the beta test are testing on an FP1 (and I believe the lead developer on this update also personally owns a first edition).

Whether there will be an update that doesn’t require unified storage is another question. There won’t be an update that supports non-unified storage, as Stefan points out below. This means the update will work on the FP1 only if the storage upgrade is applied. Note that installing the storage layout will erase your file from the phone.


I don’t know, but it’s pretty much the same chip set so it should work for both. :slight_smile: And yes, you want to unify the storage, else you will have nearly no space left for apps. So start your backup so you can join the fun once it is officially released!

I’m looking forward to the new 4.4 OS of my FP1 (first edition) but I still have Kola Nut 1.8.5. I was having issues with drive partitioning with 1.8.7 so I reverted back to 1.8.5. Will I have any issues going from 1.8.5 to 4.4 in September? Is there anything (besides backing up) that I need to do to prepare for this update?


No, it’s backup, backup, backup :slight_smile:
But I’m sure some people will write a howto guide once the official version is out. Depending how you want to do the backup, it can be useful to have a computer with adb installed around.

I prefer to update my phone using my computer, so I can really start from scratch. The original recovery on the FP1 is not very useful, I’m not sure if the recovery that @chrmhoffmann used will also be included in the new 4.4.4 release. This would be super helpful for people trying to update their phone without a computer or the difficult to use standard recovery.

I’m sure the guide will describe all possible ways :slight_smile:

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Taken from the blog entry:

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