Android 15 improves battery life

Android 15 has major battery improvements. So maybe next year we can benefit from that. Some phones have up to 3 hours extra battery life. FP is probably still working on Android 14 though.


Yo that sounds exciting. Can you link an article where I can read about the improvements?

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At this stage with as little detail about what they are actually doing technically “some phones have” has the news worthiness of “some people say”.
Not worth any real attention right now in my book.


It’s not released yet, but the phones that do have it already (beta releases) experience better battery life. If FP will be able to profit from it remains to be seen indeed. Especially because FP made custom additions that keep the phone from going idle, such as what we see with the AoD feature. Then the improvements from Google will not work.

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I feel like people have been claiming that their phones’ battery life skyrocketed on beta ever since… Android 5, probably.

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My new FP5 actually has the other problem. AccuBattery complains that it is interrupted in the background, despite me having turned off any form of battery optimization for the app.

Which is uncool, as it means that the OS is killing legitimate background tasks to squeeze out a bit more battery runtime. Yeah if I want maximum battery runtime, I’ll go with a Nokia feature phone. Smartphone means that thing can do stuff for me in the background.

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I use Chargie and some other apps that needs background access on my FP5. Chargie makes my phone charge to only 89% every day without any issues. I’m pretty sure that FP5 doesn’t have a background task killer other the stock Android features.

I can only report what AccuBattery is reporting.


For those who are not proficient in German (like me), the image contains the message:

Task killer destroys the messages. Click here to control it.


interferes with the measurements :wink:


These are functions that I deactivated first - thanks to root.
I have also now excluded almost all apps from power management. Because otherwise they won’t work properly.
Good performance also needs energy.
Switching everything off to save energy and having a neutered FP in return doesn’t make sense to me.
I charge all my previous smartphones to 100% full and discharge them to 15%. This also gives me 3 hours more. Slow charging instead of fast charging is better for the battery than the 85/20 rule. So far, the batteries have worked for 4-5 years. Back then, that might have made sense to make the battery last a little longer.
With the FP, however, you can simply replace the batteries for little money when they are broken. There is this simply unnecessary. So simply charge it fully and empty it. And then use them properly and sensibly.
You no longer need the Google garbage. :wink:

I installed Accubattery last evening for testing and have had it running since. I did the settings Accubattery asked me to in Android (turned off battery optimizations etc.). I haven’t experienced the same message yet. Accubattery seems to be fine.

I’ll report back if this changes over the next week.

Ps! I stopped using Accubattery a couple of years ago, since I’ve experienced that it is not so accurate anymore. The firmware on modern phones will balance the charging with battery management to save the battery. It might not be true when it says that the battery is 100% charged. Accubattery may see this as a lower capacity on the battery.

The Android settings under battery should give you the necessary details about the battery health and usage.

BTW: i use AccuBattery on FP5 from day 0 (September 2024) and notify about TaskKiller detection i see only 2x (not in last months)

You mean September 2023 I guess? :slight_smile:

“Zerstören” is the German word for “destroy”

“die Nachrichten” means “the messages”

What you wrote would say something like:

“Task-Killer zerstört die Nachrichten”

I would translate “Klicke hier zum Beheben” as “Click here to fix (it)”

Man, isn’t German beautiful?