Android 14 on FP 4

Hello everybody,

is there any roadmap when Android is released on FP4?

Thank you!


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At the latest it should be early 2026, when Android 13 would presumably run out of security update support (judging by prior Android versions).


There have been some rumours about 2024 though.

Look at here:
Fairphone im Interview: Android 14 ist für Anfang des nächsten Jahres geplant - ComputerBase


… where there’s no date set for the Fairphone 4 either.
The article gives early 2024 as a date for the Fairphone 5, and else only covers the commitment to bring Android 14 to the Fairphone 4 and 3/3+, too.

But since they interviewed @mikiballester …
@mikiballester: Is there a timeframe to share yet about Android 14 on the Fairphone 4?

At this moment, i think it given no release date for android 14, but you ask for a Roadmap. 2024 is the answer :slight_smile:

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It’s worth noting that CalyxOS has A14 support for the FP4, so Fairphone might be able to use some of that to make their own port faster.

Where is this answer given?

iodéOS 5 is also based on android 14 already:

If you want to switch, I have written a cookbook (german):éos-auf-einem-fairphone-4