Android 14 for FP3

I recently found out that I need Android 14 to use my Hearingaid system with my FP3 properly.
Can someone tell me, when it will be available for FP3? I found to many different information when I searched for an answer.

Since Android 14 for the Fairphone 3 isn’t here yet, I would be interested in how it is certain that what is needed for your use case should really arrive on the Fairphone 3 in Android 14.
Android is not uniform across devices or even across different Android flavours of the same Android version on the same device, compatibility with specialised external hardware is always a question mark.

Were any details given of what is needed exactly?

(I’m asking while thinking of something like ASHA … FP3+ & FP4 & FP5 hearing aids and direct streaming - #22 by Ruth_Scheffler)


Just to link the issue topic FYI…

Whatever comes with A14 that does not exist in A13 causing this, what a weird behaviour of the device/app developer that one must have the newest Android to be able to use their devices…

And for the question itself: we the user cant answer if or when A14 might be rolled out for the FP3.


That’s quite strange, as Android 13 is less than 2 years old. I’d be surprised that the manufacturer as so short-sighted, or tone-deaf, to their customers