Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+)

Just a little update.
My line seems to be veeeerrrry long because I still don’t received any update. :smile:

Me neither, it still says ‘Your system is up to date. Android: 11’.

According to this message the rollout should have been completed almost a month ago, but the other day I saw someone on a different site mention that they never got the update prompt either.

I have this unsubstantiated theory that a batch has been skipped due to the temporary stop of the rollout, and have sent a mail to support a few days ago (no answer just yet).

Hey all,

having waited for some weeks to see how many people would be affected by problems with the update, I gave in a few days ago after having read some of positive feedback here.

Downloaded and installed the update and have had no problems, apart from the fact that I had to adjust the network setting which was set to “edge” after the update - moved it back to “automatic” and everything seems to work just fine since 2 days.

I had never used the fingerprint sensor before and am not intending on using it now so that part of the update does not bother me.

Speed and stability of applications and battery usage seem to not be any different from before.

So - all good for now, I’m pretty happy with the update!


Hi @tjeb, I asked around and I’m happy to share some more information about this.

In a way, it’s true that updates ship out in batches - devices are grouped by network provider, depending on the inserted SIM card. Before an update is released, both Fairphone and partners perform a wide variety of tests to ensure the software meets our expectations and quality standards.

Sometimes, especially when testing Android upgrades (e.g. Android 11 → 13), we discover an issue, which is not easy to solve. In those cases, Fairphone may make the decision to not release a specific software to a portion of customers, because that software can negatively impact the usability of the device, one way or another. This is what happened in this case, and it concerns customers of KPN Netherlands, as well as SFR France.

We are not able to say when Android 13 will be available to customers of these providers. We are working hard to deliver it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will continue to actively support Android 11 and a security patch update is already in the works.


I upgraded to A13 more than a month ago. I still have some applications crashing and I am afraid to reactivate the screen rotation which collapsed the phone, like reported here by many.
Is there any information when Fairphone would release a first patch on A13 for FP3(+), maybe correcting some issues ?
And could you please help me with the bug report process with Fairphone ? I would like to start creating tickets if the issues remain.

Apart from not being able to open my bank apps using fingerprint, no issues here with Android 13 on a 3,5 years old (young) FP3. I am happy with the extra safety build in.


Oh, well, that update… What can I say!?

First of all: I don’t have the problem of sudden restarts of my FP3+ (no matter if I’m on a phone call, using a random app or simple have the phone in stand-by) any more. That great. BUT NOW:

→ My phone screen stays black at random. A few seconds before everything went fine and now it doesn’t turn on any more. (The on/off button is still responsive because the phone vibrates keeping it pushed. Also while an alarm is turned on the phone makes sounds and vibrates but the screen is unresponsive.)
Usually I had to remove the battery and try to restart it between 1 and 5 times. But now I’m completely stuck: If the screen finally turns on after removing the battery several times it starts flashing while the system is booting and then turns off again. No damn chance to use my phone at all! >:-((((

Quite interesting how milage (or whatever) may differ.

For my own part, I DO also have some complaints (which I already mentioned here) - but “unusable”… ??

Actually, my own one is quite severly equiupped with all sorts of things that should IMO reveal “cases of unusability” quite quickly. The stuff I’m running esp. with the help of Tasker & Termux to make the phone a comfy downsized replacement of my desktop environment on occasion truly isn’t for the faint of heart …
… but it still DOES that job here! Much better than before in quite some aspects, unfortunately not in all, and some are shwat nasty, but “unusable” is a term that IMNSO says more about the user’s state here than that of the device.


Well… thanks for your constructive-minded approach.

I was, with countless attempts of removing the battery and starting it again, not able to turn on the screen from about 11 am to 10 pm. This, to me, would describe “a day of an unusable smartphone” pretty well, wouldn’t it?

Strange enough the phone screen got out of its blackness restarting it after my alarm made it vibrate and make sounds… :wink: But I don’t think there’s any connection.

PS: I’ve sent an official support request yesterday evening then.
PPS: I’ve disabled the auto-rotate function since in this forum some wrote that it somehow removed this issue for them. Let’s see how far I can get today…

A13 upgrade has not been ok for me. No big problems, but everything just seemed to go too slow. I finally decided to try /e/OS and I am plesantly surprised. By far now, I can still use all my apps. And the system runs more fluent…! The “easy installer” is a very simple process.


As installing /e/OS involves a factory reset, the factory reset might have been the key to this and Fairphone OS could have run fluently after a factory reset, too (or did you try this before /e/OS?).

I will applaud trying an alternative OS, of course :+1: .