Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+)

Do you have automatic screen rotation activated ? If so, could you deactivate it ?

For me, the upgrade to A13 seems to be totally uneventful. I’m not a fan of some of Android’s design choices, but I’ll live with them. And of course, I’m happy that my Fairphone is again on a ‘current’ Android version.
There is one thing I find annoying though: I see a sort of ‘sunburst’ fade-in animation when I unlock my phone from dark screen. If there were a way to disable this without disabling other animations, I’d be grateful for pointers re. how to do this…


since the update to 13 my phone keeps freezing, requiring me to remove the battery to restart it. Is this happening to anyone else? any suggestions?

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Since Fairphone stopped the Android 13 rollout for the time being because of the fingerprint sensor situation, i don’t know how quick they will be to release an install file for manual install (it’s not there yet currently), but you could contact support …

Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.

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Have they. I didn’t see any mention of that? That’s the A.016.0 version

I’m using the Beta A.019.0 version on one phone, so it seems the roll out is ongoing but with the downgraded ability with the fingerprint sensor

Beta testing is independent of the official rollout, I would think.


AH! I had read the topic too quickly, as is often my bad

@hayao @igor-cali

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If you have auto-rotate activated could you deactivate it ? It worked for some.


Also with auto rotate I can easily reproduce freezing gadgetbridge when opening the list of apps for notification filtering

gadgetbridge -> notification settings -> app list

wait a few seconds and app freezes. And it keeps freezing until I stop it. going back out of the app list doesn’t help.

@patzi This is strange, I use gadgetbridge and LineageOS 20 (android 13) without any freeze or problems. I’m sorry but I’ve never used the fairphone version of android, one of the reason I have bought my fp3 because have a good custom ROM support.

besides app freezes (see above) I had these as well.

After disabling auto-rotate I no longer have my phone going dark. App freezes still happen but I did not have to restart the phone. Only thing I am missing auto-rotate right now :slight_smile: .



Yes my phone freezes once or twice a day since I updated to A13.
It’s the first time I have such an annoying bug after an update

I had to put back some settings manually ( ring tones, mobile data abroad,…) That was not a problem

It also needs a certain time after reboot until I can enter my pin code…

Who the hell designed this.
I just updated my phone and it’s so bad.

Why is everything so big like the toolbar icons or the font within the options (which I can’t resize as it changes the size of everything else making everything tiny…)
Why does everything take up so much space/straight up block out the screen. Why are the color schemes I can choose from all pastel, why isn’t there even a simple white. Why does my wallpaper shift randomly no matter how I set it. Why the hell is the clock placement on the lockscreen so off.

This looks and feels unbelievable terrible.
And I can’t customize it in any way that comes close to how it previously was. Feels like someone is forcing their odd taste one me. Nice.

I don’t know how to go back.
But I am gonna try. Jesus Christ.


This has been discussed at length if you search [Material You]

have a look at this topic

Ask Google, they designed and employ the GUi artist :scream:


Is that so? Really looks like the new Fairphone asthetic tho. Especially the pastel color schemes.

Nope. It’s a Google ‘Update’


Yes, Google introduced this in the Android 12 base for all Android OSes, it came to custom ROMs with Android 12, too.
I’m using /e/OS and got this with Android 12 a while ago. Fairphone skipped Android 12 on the Fairphone 3/3+, so Fairphone OS users are getting it now after the upgrade from Android 11 to 13.


Hi all!
If I want to upgrade to A13 with a fresh start, should I first upgrade to A13 and then perform a factory reset or should I first perform a factory reset and then upgrade to A13? What is the best way to start again (fresh with a new install of Android 13)?

I don’t think it matters at all. But be aware of the lack of fingerprint support for many banks and the weird [Material You] interface.

I’d say a factory reset and upgrade.

Ensure any SD card you use is formatted as Portable not Internal