Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+)

i feel like the GPS signal is not very stable. it was not stellar to begin with but i think it really gave me trouble the last couple of days (i’ve been travelling)
Also when travelling (by train, in the countryside) the data connection was not too good (maybe resetting network helped, but I was back in the city)

Have this also - it seems that the touchscreen gets laggy. I use a pattern to unlock my device, and I now switched on the “show pattern” setting, and I can see that the touchscreen sometimes is too slow to track my finger. This state survives a reboot! Only removing the battery solves it, which let’s me assume that it is something in the hardware that get’s confused…

Is there no way to revert some of these changes? The quick settings panel in particular feels like it was designed with the vision impaired, tech illiterate elderly in mind.

thats how it looks now

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I saw mentions of an App called Power Shade when Android 12 came around in the /e/OS realm, but I don’t use it, so I can’t say much more …

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For me it was the fingerprint sensor in a very interesting way: FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update - #109 by HaukeFP3

Hallo! I did the Update 2 days ago. and since then I am totally unable to connect to mobile data. If I’m out of range of WiFi, I’m totally offline. Didn’t read about this issue so far here (somebody wrote about being kicked out or having a bad connection - I don’t have any connection at all).

Any ideas about that? I am a bit desparate because a bit lost without mobile data…

Please check whether the APN settings are correct on your phone.
You can search the Android “Settings” for access, “Access point names” should come up then (at least if the phone is set to English). In Access point names tap the active APN (are there others?), then check the settings in detail.
If in doubt, please contact your mobile network provider, they can help with their APN settings (they should have them online somewhere, too).


Juhuuu that worked, thank you! I’m online again :blush:


Hi forumites. I have now been using A13 for about a week. I quite like the design changes. The fingerprint issue is a pain but I can live with using pins for banking apps. The other issue was trying to work out how to switch between sim cards for mobile data - there is no longer an option in the sim menu - you have to switch data off for the card you don’t want to use and on for the one you do. Not so simple and took me a while to figure out. The otter problem is that it seems to have slowed a lot of things down. I am now often getting a popup saying that an app is not responding and asking me to close, wait or feedback. If I choose wait, it just pops up again until I choose close. Restarting the app usually stops it, but it’s a real pain. I fear I will have to replace the phone sooner than I had hoped.

Before that I would do a factory reset (after backing-up all important data).


Something similar happened to me after an Android update. I tried deleting the app’s cache (and I think data, not sure) without a positive result, but in the end I uninstalled the app completely and re-installed. No problems since, so you might try that. Less pain than a factory reset, but as yvmuell says it might come to that. It took a while for the phone to settle down (a bit laggy for a while) but now it’s working fine.
Make sure you have backups before doing a full reset.

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Believe it.
I held off on buying a smartphone for more than a decade.
Finally realised that it was next to impossible to use certain day to day things without one when travelling last year and grudgingly bought what seemed like the most ethical and sustainable option. Despite it being more expensive/lower-spec than many others.|
This most recent update and the lack of support from FP generally has really made me doubt my choice after a year and a bit of owning it.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It is not just one app (though Outlook seems to be the worst). I think I will try a factory reset when I have some time to attend to it. I’ve done it before and it helped temporarily. Nothing much to back up as it is all in the cloud, but reinstalling all the apps (and setting up, logging in etc) takes a while. I fear though that any improvements will be short lived. Apps keep updating and becoming more resource hungry while the phone remains underpowered and with limited RAM and storage. Eventually it becomes more and more frustrating until it is unusable. I seem to be reaching that point unfortunately and the A13 update has brought the moment of truth closer.

I have been seeing the ‘not responding’ popup sporadically for various apps since the update. If I need to do something promptly in the app that is causing the popups, I am usually able to ‘wait’ enough times to complete what I’m doing before I ‘close’ it. Reopening at that point generally seems to alleviate the issue with that app… On at least one occasion it was a main system app that was causing the popups and a ‘close’ at that point basically soft rebooted the phone. So far this isn’t a critical issue, but it is annoying.

Yes. That sounds like my experience. It is extremely annoying and really shouldn’t be happening. It was a rare occurrence prior to the update but now happening multiple times daily (though today seems better so perhaps it is adjusting itself?! (I hope).

Did you check out your Battery Usage? Is there any app on your device, which unintentionally drains resources? I’m running LineageOS 20 A13, which is pretty clean of apps running in the background, and don’t experience any trouble like you describe.

I’m running the standard Fairphone OS. I’m one of the majority of users who is not interested (or techie) enough to change OS. There is very low background use of battery - mainly screen and maps (which I’ve been using a lot as I’m travelling).

Installed Update Android 11 to Android 13 3 days ago.

  • Everything except the already described firmware security problem of the fingerprint sensor works perfect.

  • The fingerprint item occurs only, when using banking apps. Caused by security reasons I have to use the pin, that´s the only (small) problem. Mobile payment with NFC is still working, the pin is only needed if the banking app requires to confirm the transaction. Typing the pin means around 5 seconds more time needed than before. As of my opinion this no problem.

  • Battery consumption seems to be equivalent to Android 11.

  • The performance if starting an app seems to be better, means a little bit faster. Appreciate this behaviour.

  • Look and feel of the FP3 with Android 13 has improved, means more comfortable and smarter. Appreciate this too.

As of me, I think it is worth to update to Android 13. Thanks to the Fairphone Team for providing this update.

If available I would invest the money for a new updated fingerprint sensor, but at all this is a real minor item. I just appreciate to have a smartphone with 100% functionality than just 99%. I think this is typical german, we appreciate to get it perfect. :slight_smile:

In great expectation of many more years using my FP3.

Last but not least this had been one of the main reasons to buy a Fairphone 3 years ago.

Still very happy with this decision!


I came here tonight to say pretty much this. Thank you for saving me the time to think about how to write my feelings about the Android 13 updates hehe
Thank you the Fairphone team, this was a very welcomed update from my point of view !