Android 13: LED notification color?

Hi folks,
now with Android 13 on FP3 - did anyone find a way to change the color of the LED notifications of Apps? Funny thing: With Signal, back on A11 Signal itself offered to change its notification color, but now with A13 Signal seems to “delegate” all notification settings to the OS, and there is no color setting I can find. However: The color set past then is still honored, but it seems I’ll never be able to change it ever again :wink:
Any ideas welcome…

Until the upgrade to A13 I used an extra app for that. It was really nice, because I could set the LED color for each notification/app.

This app was quite old and is not working on Android 13 anymore. Was not able to find an update or a replacement (there are a few on the Play Store, none of them worked for me).

So, if somebody finds a way to change the color: I am also interested!

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