Android 13 has changed the way my alarm sounds

The latest Android 13 update (from yesterday - 22/7 2023 - as I write) has changed the sound of my alarm. All my defaults/settings are correct and unchanged. The sounds play correctly when I check them, but when the alarm actually sounds to wake me in the morning, the sound is different. Does anyopne else experience this issue? Does anyone have a suggestion how I can fix it?

Did you try to set it to a different sound and then back to the sound you want to hear?
Is it a system sound or the sound of your own file? If the latter, where did you store the sound file?


Thanks for responding Volker. I have tried your suggestion of setting to a different sound, but it makes no difference. The Sound and Vibration screen promises me the sound I have chosem, but the actual alarm the phone plays is the one that came with the upgrade.
I’m not using any imported files. The sound I want is Cesium. I don’t know the name of the sound I’m getting, but to me it sounds like the chimes of an old fashioned wallclock.

I would delete the alarm and create anew. And probably check the overall alarm settings under settings-sound and not under clock.


I didn’t realise there was a setting under the clock - it was the setting from the Sound and Vibration screen I was working with.
When I looked at the sound as given under the clock I saw it was “123”. I changed that to “Cesium” and now it works as I want it to.
Very many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


My alarm made it through the update ok, but I noticed that some other sounds either changed or stopped completely… Looking at the various settings, this seems to be down to some named sounds no longer existing in Android 13, although strangely there was no clear correlation between ones that kept working and ones that stopped as to whether or not they were still listed options. The most unsettling change was my received text notification which became extremely loud!

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