Android 12 update connectivity issues


Since the update to android 12 my mobile data no longer connects to the internet. I can turn on mobile data and it says it is connected yet I can actually access the internet.

There is constantly an exclamation mark against my mobile signal symbol, although I think that just means that it won’t automatically connect.

I have tried the switching to 2G and restarting that I’ve noticed in other posts on related issues. My APN settings only have one option in them so I cannot try swapping to something else.

I am on FP4 in the UK. Honest mobile which uses the 3 network is my provider.

I have just installed the latest patch which hasn’t helped.

Any help much appreciated as it’s very inconvenient.

With gratitude in advance

Let’s start with “low hanging fruit” and see if it makes a difference.

Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile Network
Make sure Mobile data is enabled.
Set your Preferred network type (I have 5G/4G/3G/2G set)
Disable Automatically select network. It should list the networks available to you, select the one that is right for you.

I presume you’ve already looked at the APN settings, but here’s Honest Mobile’s page about setting it manually if necessary.


Ah thank you. It was the APN settings in the end. They looked correct and had worked previously and it sorted it out when I put in the ones recommended by honest.

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