Android 12 - Mobile Services (5G/4G) unavailable while calling

Hi everyone,

Since my Fairphone 4 has updated to Android 12, I’ve had several problems with calling and receiving calls. My data / service is marked as unavailable whenever I pick up a phone call, rendering it useless, though the call doesn’t get disconnected, I can’t use data in the background of the call. Both my E-Sim and physical Sim both display that their service is unavailable.

I’ve also had a separate issue, which is when I get a phone call, there’s a chance that my screen becomes unresponsive and I can only interact with the power button. The ringtone will keep playing and I can’t pick up or decline the phone call. I thought it’d be relevant to mention this issue along with the previous one, since they’re both regarding calling on Android 12.

Hopefully this problem has a solution!

I’ve checked around and it seems to be an issue with VoLTE or LTE, but I can’t find neither of these options on my Fairphone Settings (search does show them, but links to a page without these options).

Its under settings-network-sim card

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Some operators deactivate this setting. For ex. Orange F.


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