Android 12 has come to the FP4

My phone definitely feels snappier on A12

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After reading all the problems (bugs) related to the Android 12 update, can I still wait to update? hope this gets fixed soon

Yepp, it’s a frame by frame show while watching vids. Is there a trobleshooting?

I live in the netherlands and on the Vodafone/Hollandsnieuwe network.
I still have not received an update to android 12 on FP4. Are there other people from the Netherlands that have not received their update?
Is there anything I can do to force this upgrade?

There were some KPN users who didn’t receive the update yet. Have you received another security update for Android 11? Then the release of Android 12 is definitely delayed for your provider.
There are ways to force the update, easiest would be to switch SIM cards and trigger it. I wouldn’t recommend that this time, though. At least in Switzerland, there seem to be problems related to emergency calls and that’s likely a feature you don’t want to miss on your phone if you really need it.

Thank you max_o. I’m not sure If my phone has received the security update. Because I just bought it second hand. In settings I see:

So it looks like the phone update is working well and I’d better wait a bit.

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No, for Android 11 it should be “Android security update January 5, 2023”.
Look into Settings/Security and see if a security update is suggested. If not, your operator might be eligible for the Android 12 upgrade but you haven’t got it yet for some reason.

I do not understand. I bought my phone independent from my phone operator Vodafone. So it is a unbranded phone. Why am I dependent on Vodafone for a security update? Isn’t that Fairphones responsibility?

For an authoritative answer you should #contactsupport

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Thats the general FP Statement for each update post in the past here in the forum and thats irrespective of where you bought the FP4

Please note:
Together with our partners, we test the software before its release, and in some instances where a software update might result in some problems for users on a specific network or in a specific country, we prefer to delay the software release for that specific customer base and fix all the potential issues before making the software available to everyone.


I think I face a troubling behaviour of the UI with the new Android 12.

On the previous 11 release, when putting the phone in vibrate mode, an icon was showing up next to the battery status.
With the current release of Android 12, it’s gone.

It seems to be a known regression of V12, and was actually fixed by Google earlier last year.
They’ve introduced an option to display the vibrate mode (on top of the silent mode that shows properly with the Fairphone build).


I would really appreciate getting the icon we lost with the upgrade.


The alarm is also missing and its both there when you swipe down the quick access menu from the top.

However, I dont see silent mode indicator at all!?

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As the others already said.
The thing is, Android patches go through a lot of hoops before arriving on your phone: 1. Google releases a patch, 2. the phone manufacturer adapts it to their specific hardware, 3. the operator you’re tied to checks it, and potentially asks for modifications/fixes before finally releasing it for you to download.
So, even with a phone not tied to a specific operator, you can be stuck on any of those stages.

Unfortunately it’s not like with computers, where the OS manufacturer directly releases patches and upgrades to the end user. You only get them from your current operator, at the end of stage 3, and when any one of those steps fail, you don’t get them at all…


Thank you KurtF. I did not know that. Vodafone Netherlands say on their website that they have nothing to do with updates to phones that are not bought directly from them. So I hope that that means that I depend on Google and Fairphone only.
If that is the case, I should have had my 5 of January 2023 update already? Shouldn’t I?

If you have a Vodafone NL SIM in your phone, you will get the update as soon as it’s released for that provider, that’s how it works.

If you need it sooner, you can factory reset it and start the phone without a SIM or install the update manually. But I wouldn’t recommend it, because there’s probably a reason you haven’t recieved it yet.


That might be the problem – Does Fairphone send out updates directly? They didn’t sound like they do, so the best thing you can do at that point is to #contactsupport, as somebody already suggested.

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Not the common updates.they are not sent to your IMEI unless you are a Beta tester for example.

All common updates are tested with as many carriers as possible and send to those IEMIs that are fixed to carriers.

So if there is a problem with how it works on a specific carrier it is held back for all IEMIs on that carrier.

You will see a note where a Swis carrier stopped the update as there was an issue with emergency numbers.

So the carriers have the final say in whether so push it to their customers.

Where A12 requires considerable work for a specific carrier, Fairphone have said they will incorporate a security update for A11 and push that to users of those carriers.

It has all been explained, above, but this topic is getting long, though this issue is discussed on almost every update.

Sure, though @BartMans issue was he did receive neither A12 nor security update. :man_shrugging: