Android 12 has come to the FP4

Access point not working at all (wifi, usb…). Just displays “error” and switch off.
Worked before Android 12.

There are still a couple of partners that are testing and verifying the full compatibility of the software with their networks.

We will release either the Android 12 upgrade or the security patch update as soon as possible for those partners’ customers.


Same here, did not receive it. Both of those are out while I am just sitting here with my 3 months old security patch…

I assume they would “soon” give us either. I guess they are not compatible somehow so one can’t have the A11 security patch then the A12 update.

But the emphasis is on “soon”. Which is a magical term that does not say anything really.


At least the scrolling screenshot works…


Material You will be in the Android 13 update, don’t worry, just a few more months :upside_down_face:


Small update on that topic - Material You is not included in A12 by default but we’re looking into it, and we hope we can add it in a future update (no guarantee).


Since the change from Android 12 to 13 is much smaller than from 11 to 12, and 13 is generally more stable than 12 as well, could we expect it to arrive sooner than 12 did, maybe by relegating the new theme engine to just 13 as well?


Today there was another nag screen that my phone is “out of date”. I would like to omit those “reminders”.
What happens if I download the update, install it (will be unsuccessful because of patched boot.img)?
Will the update ignored then?

Yep same here after updating in the UK. Does anybody have a solution for this?

I used Android 12 for a year on my Pixel 3, it was working perfectly. Do you have examples? Not saying that Android 13 shouldn’t happen ASAP, just wondering what you exactly mean. The Android 12 experience on a Fairphone is not as it suppose to be. I don’t know why there can be such a difference.


It seems to be a release primarily focused on properly hashing out all the big changes made in 12 (though some of those improvements made it into later releases of 12 as well).

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The experience on a Pixel phone is not a pure Android experience since Google implements some features only for its phones.

Got it. Yeah, Android 13 wasn’t a huge update. But both Android versions are stable. It just highly depends on the vendor how the user experience is.

From a purist point of view no Android release is. Pixels indeed often have features from the next Android release and some Pixel exclusieve features. But mostly it’s just Android as Google intended it to be. But my point was more that the unstable experience of Android on a Fairphone has nothing to do with the maturity of Android. It has more to do with the vendor implementation.


and, of course, the hardware :wink:

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Fairphone’s hardware is fine. It comes quite close to my Pixel 3.

The quality tests have detected an issue that can lead to silent voice calls in some situations (VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling). A fix is being worked on by FairPhone, a coming software version will allow to unlock the Android 12 upgrade


Thank You :heart_eyes:

i cant Edit my Post SpongeBob Post anymore :frowning: . It have a Time limit?

I can turn it into a wiki if you want, then you (and others) can edit it again.


nice, great idea, please doit :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update to Android 12. My only complaint (so far) is, that I don’t like the new huge clock on the lock screen. I have found some guides on the web to change this in Android 12, but they don’t seem to apply to this specific version. How can I change the style of the clock?