Android 12 - Clock on Lockscreen

Hello OldRoutard,

Just read through your comment and some other ones in the thread. Here are the two take aways:

  1. The clock on the lockscreen cannot be removed/changed.
  2. It may be related to the widget on the home screen.

However, I do not have the widget on my home screen and would find it incomprehensible if there was no option to modify or remover the digital lockscreen clock.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, there was a lot of unrelated comments in the thread, so I may have missed something.

If it can be removed or modified, how can I do this? Can’t find any instructions and already went through every clock and lock screen related setting on the phone.



Just to be sure, because I read a lot about it:
The option Settings -> Display -> Lock screen -> Double-line clock isn’t available?

edit: Maybe I should read the post more carefully before answering next time… :smiley:

But the option seems to be a default Android feature, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get it back.

It might have been a Pixel special though? At least in the beginning? I’m saying this because the Google documentation talking about it refers to the Pixel phone.

One thing is sure, there is no such setting on Fairphone’s Android 12 (as of FP4.SP21.B.048.20230215).

Oh well, that giant clock is indeed extremely fugly, but being human I’m starting to get used to it. One gets used to everything… :roll_eyes:

Here is a screenshot confirming that there is no option to modify or remove the hideous clock…

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Yeah, I just checked LineageOS and they implemented the feature on their own. Sorry for giving false hope! :smiley:

Is this for A12? I think There might be hope for Android 13…

hi All,
After installing the latest firmware upgrade FP4.SP21.B.048.20230215 a very large Digital Clock appeared in the Lockscreen. how/where can I change or even remove this clock?
thanks, Iwan

Hi and welcome, I moved your post, please read above (currently) its not possible

Thanks a lot Yvonne, for moving my question and pointing out the options. (as in none)
will rest my search for removing the hidious clock.
However, as soon as there are notifications from other apps in the lockscreen, the large clock/time numbers disappear, and reappear as soon as the notifications are swiped away.
very strange update/feature. seems like some kind of joke/weddenschap from the developers :wink:
kind regards

Hope dies last and we might hope, that the feature to change it, will come, else as ugly it is, I’m almost used to it, so at end I dont really care…

If you want to do more than hoping ,you might want to contact support and ask for this change #contactsupport

The launcher I use is Lean Launcher.
In this way I can choose a smaller clock compared to the default launcher.
And in this way I don’t have google on the screen.

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Lean launcher changes the clock on the lock screen?

It’s a little bit smaller at the homescreen
and on the next screen you have the option of choosing a widget with a smaller clock.

I have the same with stock launcher and have come to the conclusion that the small clock on the lockscreen is due to permanent presence of a notification.

Thanks for the images.

But this is not “change the clock on the lockscreen”. The clock on the lockscreen will alway be smaller if there is any notification visible, even with the stock launcher. And in a custom launcher you can of course use any kind of clock widget - but this does not modify the lockscreen.


That’s… The home screen, not the lock screen.

I’ve tried the stock launcher, Nova and Niagara and neither of them make any difference on the lock screen.

I wonder what you call the lockscreen.
The first picture shows the screen when I start the phone.
The second picture shows the screen after I have unlocked the screen with a pin.

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I’m using the term “lockscreen” to denote the screen shown when the screen is on, but the phone is locked. That would be the first of your two images, Lidwien.

I think we’re talking about the same thing, but I rather think AvidAlbatross hadn’t seen the difference between your two images.

Seems I’m just visually impaired.

The reason your clock on the lock screen is smaller than mine is because of the two notifications. If you swipe those away it goes back to being huge.

Yes probably. See my post above #16. One of those notifications is permanent so the clock is always a reasonable size …