Android 12 Bloatware

I have random Chinese apps installed by default but my phone is a UK Fairphone 4 so why these apps. People say malware but it is not as I’ve not sideloaded anything

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Administrators, if I were you, I’d mute responses here so that everyone’s conversations stay at the GitHub issue.

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Your request is about the discussion on the debloater, not on the bloatware itself.
So the thread stays.

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FWIW, i can find none of the mentioned Apps on my Fairphone4

brot@brot-thinkpad-t14s ..iversal-android-debloater/target/debug (git)-[main] % adb shell cmd package list packages | grep fet
brot@brot-thinkpad-t14s ..iversal-android-debloater/target/debug (git)-[main] % adb shell cmd package list packages | grep music
brot@brot-thinkpad-t14s ..iversal-android-debloater/target/debug (git)-[main] % adb shell cmd package list packages | grep happy
1 brot@brot-thinkpad-t14s ..iversal-android-debloater/target/debug (git)-[main] %

(1 is the errorcode of grep not finding the string)


At least some of the apps you listed are made by…

… so a provider based in Taiwan, which is the country the dev team is based in (and the FP4 is sold as well).

You have somehow ended up with a taiwanese FPOS build.
We’ve had a similar case before, did you travel to Asia in the last few months by any chance? :thinking:


I’ve not left the UK for 10 years, I’ve had my FP4 for 9 months

Interesting, did you #contactsupport yet?

Somehow the updater placed you in an area that’s marked for that update. I thought that would be based on cell network, but maybe it’s a GPS glitch, very weird :thinking:


Didnt read at Github, whats your OS build number?

FP4.SP1Y.B.041.20230109 is the build number shown in settings

I have exact the same issue. I bought a used Fairphone4 here in Austria and did the setup. Over night these Taiwanese apps appeared from google play store (can see this in my google play account view). I have the exact same build number. I was glad to found this post, because i thought something sketchy is going on.


Looking in Magisk exclusion list I founded:

  • App Center
  • AppEnabler de.telekom.tsc
  • friDay net.fetnat.fetvod
  • friDay com.fet.friday.wallet
  • friDay com.gohappy.mobileapp
  • friDay com.omusic.gPhone
  • Orange Manual Selector
  • com.fetself
    Quite surprised…