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Since I did the android 12 update, my phone has some issues. The biggest being the notification/ quick settings menu (swipe down from the top), when swiped down my local time is incorrect however the date still works fine
Another thing is that my battery always shows 0% (regular and quick settings) only in the settings app it shows the correct percentage
These are weird bugs in my opinion, has anybody experienced similar bugs?
Anyways I hope this reaches the right people

Nope, this is a user forum and not a support forum.

You mean the time in the upper left corner? And it is different from the time on your home screen or lock screen? On my phone, these two match (I’m in CET timezone).

If it’s not broken, then this is weird. It works fine for me in all the menus/headers. Aren’t you using some apps that could influence this? Try if it happens in the Safe mode too.

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Hi Ruddi and welcome to the community forum which, as peci1 wrote, is not necessarily read by Fairphone staff: if you want to inform them then you should #contactsupport .

Personally I haven’t experienced either of the two problems you describe. They likely come from settings or apps that you have and I don’t. Users did report unusual battery charge info just after updating but this sorts itself out over a few days.

Are you using the standard #launcher or any specific software that might affect the way the battery charge level is displayed? As stated above, you may find that this problem corrects itself after a day or two and charging the phone once or twice.

For the clock, check Settings > System > Date and time where I would recommend the following settings:

  • Set time automatically: ON
  • Set time zone automatically: ON
  • Use location to set time zone: OFF

You may want to set the time zone manually, if the automatic setting is incorrect (it can be perturbed by a number of factors, especially when roaming and using VPNs).

If you prefer to use Location to set the time zone then make sure Location is providing correct information.

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