Android 11 - how to acces all installed Apps / get them on the home-screen?

Hello Community,

as i have moved from a old android7 - i have no idea how to access the all installed apps list.
in the settings i found a list - but from this one i am not able to get the apps to my homescreen :rofl:

(in the setup process i let install the apps from my google backup - so they were not automatically added to the homescreen…)

please give me a hint :wink:

sunny greetings

swipe from the bottom of the screen up. you can also go to settings → gesture → system controls and disable gestures than you have the 3 buttons back.
(hope I translated every menu entry correctly because I have german as language).
but you should give the gestures a try, they are very simple and useful…


yeah that is working :wink:
i think i have to (re)learn a little bit how to use all the nice available features…

sunny greetings


Einstellungen- System-Gesten–Systemsteuerung

Bedienung über Gesten oder Punkte Menü

Von Android 7 kommend wirst du mit den Gesten erst mal nicht klar kommen.

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