Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

Hi anotherElk,

Many thanks for your response and your efforts.

Reseting my phone is no option. I was hoping to be able to go back to the previous version without a reset. I agree with @amers. It is not acceptable, that I spend hours on reseting and backing up data only because of an update I initially didn´t want and was forced to install. It is o.k. to make mistakes and even updates can have problems but it is not fair to let others pay for it. I expect Android to fix this issue asap and release a new update.

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I understand your frustration, @Nicole. Unfortunately, the first response for device issues, even from companies like Apple, will be a factory reset. :frowning:


Hello everyone,

After a week or so, of having the reboot issue, they stopped on their one. I didn’t anything and it stable again for all this time (hope it doesn’t happen again today :smiley: ).

So, I’m not sure if Android is ‘updating’ in the background without my knowledge (or consent), but the fact is that it is stable (again). If there are others is the same ‘miraculous recovery’ maybe there is something going on that we are all overlooking.
I don’t have a clue what it could be.
I just felt that this info could help understand the apparent ‘fussiness’ of the issue.


So I’ve been having issues with reboots and been following this thread for a while, hoping for a patch to solve the issue. With no patch in sight, last Friday I caved in and did a factory reset as @Sietse suggested. I even removed the SIM card first although I have no idea why that is needed. Well, after four hours and three glasses of wine the whole procedure was complete. I verified the update version to be 8901.3.A.0045.20200905. Happy with the whole thing taken care of, I must say the phone felt a bit more performant. But I really have no data to back that up.

On Saturday everything works smoothly and no reboots! Come Sunday lunch, I get a message on whatsapp and when unlocking the phone the display freezes. The first reboot. Three hours later, when the phone is in my pocket, reboot again. So while the phone doesn’t reboot as often as it did before the factory reset, the reboots are still there.

I don’t know if this post will help anyone, but I feel I need to keep this thread alive because this issue needs to be resolved. :heart:


If it didn’t help I recommend to contact Fairphone customer support.
They are there to help you.


That reminds me of an issue the FP2 had in conjunction with the battery that lost contact to the core module:

Just for clarification.
With the FP2 it was a design flaw regarding modularity and a phone too flexible.
With the FP3 it seems to be a problem on the OS-side.
While the design trouble is rather a core problem, that is hard to solve, software troubles can be fixed with an update. Therefore the troubles with the FP2 were more severe and the solutions can not be applied to the FP3.
Let’s hope for an update and thorough bug-fix pretty soon.


It could be a coincidence.

Thanks @Christoffer for your - despite the overall situation still somewhat humorous :slight_smile: - message. And while I’m sorry it hasn’t solved the issue for you, your post saved me (and probably others as well) from having to go through the very same procedure. :grimacing:

(Just removed a few lines here where I had begged Fairphone for a status update on this issue, as Rae’s official message has already been three weeks ago. Feeling like being left dead in the water here and most certainly pretty uninformed. And yes I’ve sent several pings to Fairphone Support already.)


Thanks a lot for trying @Christoffer. I was on the point of doing so since i experience an increasing amount of reboots. For me the mysterie is getting more clear. I experience reboots when at home and losing wifi connection. Here a new update that I send to customer support;

Over the last few days I’ve been experiencing an increasing amount of reboots. Approximately 10 a day and sometimes a few per hour, all at home. Pretty annoying but this does leave me with more opportunities to test. Over the last weekend I noticed not to have any reboots when my wifi is turned off and running my phone only on 4g. I did run my phone on safe mode at night without reboots that i’ve noticed. I do barely use the phone when in safe mode since there’s little access to apps so it will just be laying around. I did however experience multiple reboots in this condition before so safe mode might help the phone not to reboot, still trying to confirm and test this. I becomes clearer to me that it happens when it looses wifi connection. I have seen that happening several times on the screen (through the symbols on the top bar) just before a reboots.

I did clear out most cache’s this weekend to try to prevent is from rebooting but that had no -or very short term- effect. Any new insides that you can help me with?


Although I do not own an FP3, the thing that really bothers me most is that there still is no beta patch available to test. That is not a good sign…

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Who knows. It could also be due to Fairphone’s - well, let’s say “rather restrictive” - communications policy, that I’ve never gotten used to and probably never ever will.

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First of all, an update from my side: I’ve been using the phone mostly either with WiFi or with mobile internet, and I’ve very seldomly had both active. I haven’t had any reboots since several weeks. Even when my WiFi is flaky, as long as it doesn’t switch to mobile internet I don’t seem to get reboots.

Then I just wanted to write a little comment about such issues as people seem to get rather cranky. I’m a professional software developer, and seen my share of bugs and weird crashes. In this case the problem seems to be in a driver of some kind which then causes the OS kernel to panic (i.e. stop working). And the problem seems to be very nondeterministic, happening somewhat randomly.

Such a problem can be very difficult to find.

Perhaps the problem is only happening on some mobile networks. Perhaps with only some specific frequencies. Perhaps there are differences in sim cards. It could be that the developers in that outsourced software company cannot reproduce the problem at all in the networks they are using. It could also easily be that none of those people are experts in driver development, so they have to report the problem further to the chip manufacturer that probably delivered that driver as a binary blob (i.e. without source code). Perhaps the manufacturer doesn’t care much, especially if they are busy pleasing bigger customers. Who knows.

Long story short, there might be very little that Fairphone can do other than keep on hoping that the problem gets fixed by someone else somewhere else. It also might be that they are just ignoring us and not taking the problem seriously, but as we don’t know for sure, I tend to have good faith in the company and believe the former.

I’d also like to have more updates on this (still rather serious) topic, but lets try to stay cool in the meanwhile.


I just got the notification for a new update. Does anyone try it yet?
I’m very reluctant in installing, as the reboot issue didn’t happen once for at least 3/4 weeks.

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Same here: I switched off mobile data with wlan being active and have not seen any random reboots since then (for a week or so).
Unfortunately my “no audio in phone calls” problem still persists :frowning:

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This is almost exactly what I experience since the update to Android 10. It drives me crazy, as I am nearly unable to use my phone at home. These reboots only happen at home, where I use T-Mobile as well. During the hours at work I don’t experience any of these reboots, but at home, like constantly. I also noticed a reboot when my phone loses the connection with my wifi-router when leaving home.
I’m really looking forward to a solution (besides resetting to factory settings)!

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Just had a reboot although WiFi had been deactivated for about 12 hours already.

The reboot occured a few minutes after leaving the building and right after placing a short call that was initiated via a Google Assistant voice command.

IMHO this indicates that the reboots are not only connected to WiFi being used or not.
In my Android settings, the “WiFi search” option is disabled, which means that there should not be any background usage of the WiFi stack for location services or similar, right? (Or is there any override somewhere else that might trigger usage of the WiFi code?)

It seems to be the mobile stack, not WiFi. But WiFi plays a role in that when you have a bad connection, you switch between it and the mobile net more frequently, triggering the bug. I also had one reboot while my phone switched to a foreign mobile network without WiFi being active at all.

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Just also had two reboots within 15 minutes with flight mode being activated (i.e. mobile inactive) and only WiFi and Bluetooth being activated.

I’ve updated the phone with the newest security patch (5th October) but seeing the same reboots behavior after the update. Fairphone asked me a while ago to try running the phone in Safe Mode. Since the blocks out 80% of what I use my phone for I’ve only tested it for short amounts of time in the last period without having reboots. In the last few day I gave it another try for a few hours triggering two reboots.