Android 10 upgrade: no more local Contact account?

Trying to avoid storing too much personal data on Google, I used to store my contacts on the phone using the PHONE account (and sync to my computer with a third-party utility).
Today I accepted the upgrade to Android 10, and the local “Phone” contacts account seems to be gone (idem SIM1), and I can’t find a way to enable/add it back. As a result I have no Contacts on my phone anymore (and SMS, WhatsApp conversations are now showing phone numbers instead of names…very unhandy)
Is this an update glitch ?
How can I add the local Phone Contact provider back ?
Or has this been intentionally removed by Google (to better hijack user data…?)

Before my purchase of FP3+ i’d only had an old Samsung with android 4.
I notice this Android 10 I have no option to select SIM or Phone or to transfer from phone to SIM however I do not have a Google account so your experience is not something i have or understand well ~ all my contacts were copied from my SIM to the phone and that seems to be the only place i can access them

You could install MyLocal Account.

Did you have a look at this topic?


Oooops I overlooked that topic which obviously handles the same issue; I will piggy back on it…