🇳🇱 Andere telefoon app

Sinds de update naar Android 13 doet mijn telefoon soms raar. Ik hoor 'm één keer overgaan en dan stilte. Blijkt aan de ontvangende kant wel over te gaan. Is het mogelijk om op de FP3 een andere telefoonapp te gebruiken dan die van Google? Welke is dan een goede? En kan je dan die van Google verwijderen of alleen uitzetten?

Oh man, it’s surprisingly funny how much of that post I could actually read without using a translator by simply speaking German. xD

Regarding your issue:
You can set the default Phone App via ‘Settings > Apps > Standard Apps > Telefon’. I don’t have any concrete recommendations for a specific app off of the top of my head though.

I just looked up some apps and it seems ‘Simple-Dialer’ is quite nice. It looks alright, seems to work fine (at least for me) and it’s open source. (Available on GitHub, F-Droid and Google Play.)

Not sure whether switching the phone-app that handles the front-end-stuff for calls will resolve your problem though. Worth a try I guess.

It didn’t work. It seems that the problem only occurs phoning to one provider. To other providers it works fine.

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