ANC on Fairphone Earbuds

Hi! So I got some fairphone TWS earbuds recently. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) works fine, but I feel it a bit weak comparing with a friend’s apple earbuds for example. Is this normal? Maybe my earbuds could have some problem? Or this is normal?

Thank you in advance!

I don’t own the Fairphone TWS, so I can’t compare them. But all headphones have a different ANC, based on the algorithm and the used hardware. Sonys is different and often declared superior to the ANC of Bose. Apples different for sure too.

What exactly do you mean with ‘weak’? Can you hear more outside noise?

I think you cannot compare it with apple :wink:
I don’t like this brand, but be honest, the hardware is more then another level…

Yes, I mean that if there is some noise, maybe with the apple ones I only hear that noise at a 5 percent of the real volume, but with the Fairphone ones is like a 20% (making up numbers haha).

I have to test more but also I noticed that some other noises I can hear them but it seems like the ANC are not taking them out (maybe the mics in the earbuds do not catch them or something).

So I wonder if I should contact support or just enjoy my earbuds haha.

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