ANC doesn't seem to work

Hi fairphone community,

it seems to me as if the noise cancelling of my Fairbuds is not working. I updated to the newest firmware (v56), reset the Fairbuds several times, and tried the ear tips of all sizes. The only difference I notice between active and inactive noise cancelling is a faint background noise while it’s on but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t want them to filter our very loud noises, but I can still hear people talking in the next room, a car passing before my window or the noise of my keyboard as I’m typing this. The ambient sound mode, on the other hand, works as expected. Is there maybe a software problem in recent versions? Since the ambient mode works, I don’t think the mic of the buds are broken.
Thanks for you help!

Welcome to the community forum!

I agree that the ANC effect is not very pronounced on the fairbuds, but I can hear a clear difference when I switch through the settings while in a place with some background noise. They are very far from actually blocking out any such noise, though. It just gets slightly quieter. Given that those devices can’t seal the/my ear canal with a whole lot of pressure, it is probably very difficult to get a big ANC effect.
That said, I have absolutely no experience with how well that works on other similar devices.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, in my case, I really cannot tell a difference between activated and disabled ANC. Even rather quiet background noises are still clearly audible.
Sadly, I also don’t have any experience with ANC on other devices.