Amazon Prime not allowing me to resubscribe

I’m having trouble with prime on FP5 I try to reactivate my subscription to prime via Google play store and it won’t let me rewsubcribe to the service. It’s used to be managed by the play store app and now it keeps giving me the runaround by taking me to the app itself and getting nowhere. I type join prime membership on the app and all it does is take me to the page with no join prime button. They just raised the price of prime to watch videos without ads in them. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve even turned off the VPN and that didn’t help one bit. Anyone else having this issue recently.

I don’t think you can subscribe to prime in the Amazon app. I think you have to do that on the web.

Use your browser to go to Amazon and try it there

I’ve tried that, but they want me to amazon payment system. I would like to use Google pay or play store for payment. I don’t want my payment details on multiple sites for privacy concerns. Amazon was breached before by hackers stealing information related to costumers data. So I am concerned about leaving my information on that website. I would rather use another payment provider for peace of mind. Thanks for trying to help, it will be better to not resubscribe at all. There goes my two day shipping and other benefits.

I may be wrong, but I think this is what I was thinking about…

In which case the simple answer is, you can’t pay in the way you’d like. I think Prime classes as a digital good which is why you have to do it on the browser.

Sorry, but you’ll have to add your payment details I think.