Amazon Login not possible


Its impossible for me to login in the amazon app and webpage. Although my account name and password are right it keeps saying that the name or password is wrong.
What is the problem with fairphone and amazon?
War can i do?


I changed the category from Software to Help, as this issue is clearly not about Fairphone’s software.

Let them send you a new password.

I have no problems logging into the app or the web page. I also have other apps like imdb which are using my Amazon login and they work fine.

Does your password contain any non-standard characters and what language is your keyboard in? Could be something like this that is causing the problem if you are confident your password is correct

The simplest thing might be to reset you password as Stefan suggests (which was posted while I was writing this :slight_smile: )

Password is definitely correct, it works on all other systems like my pc for example.
Resetting does not help. I already tried several times.
The password contains only letters and numbers…

Do you use a Firewall of some sort?

No…i dont think so

Does the issue occur both on WiFi and 3G?

Yes it happens with both

Hi @Freddy_de_Vries!
Are you still having problems with Amazon?

Actually it is working again. The phone had problems recognising a New
Hopefully it will work forever.
Thanks for ur help.