Amazon Instant Video App not available in UK?

Hi all. I have a subscription to Amazon Prime which includes Instant Video, app was available on my iPhone but is not on FP2…Strange, it says not available in my country (UK), I get the same message even when behind my VPN, I’ve tried appearing from UK, Germany, USA and Japan but still get the same message “not available in your devices country”.
Any ‘fixes’ for this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Seems Google somehow disagreed with Amazon’s way of offering content, and won’t allow the instant video functionality on the play store (possibly because it’s a rival platform…). Amazon do offer their own app store (now called Amazon Underground for some reason), available here, which will probably alllow the functionality you’re looking for (either directly, or as an app through that store).

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I had just found the Underground app store, yes it works fine, and thank goodness for that!
Many thanks for your reply.

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