Am i in need of an upgrade?


Since there is no charger included with the FP3 i’m using the one i had been using with previous phone’s, electrical appliances… Just now - out of curiosity - i read that the charger is required to have a minimum output of 1000mA. Thus i checked the charger i’m using and noticed that it’s output is only 500mA.

Could this cause trouble, i.e. damage the phone or it’s battery? Is it advisable to upgrade the charger to meet the required power output standards? Does “less is more apply here”, since i have no electricity background whatsoever…?

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Since you can charge the phone on USB ports, too, and since 500 mA is what you would also usually get from a USB 2 port, I think that should not be a problem.


I regulary use my old chargers.
No problem.
It just takes way longer to charge. :wink:


If the phone is charging there’s no need to worry about; worst case is, that your charger would deliver to little power, but the phone would certainly note that, and throttle or disable charging.

On the other hand, if you experience your charger running very hot, better swap it. Just to be safe.



If you want to enjoy fast charging, you would need a charger that supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 (and a corresponding, ideally USB IF certified cable).

I can recommend the official Fairphone accessories, but there is a plethora of less pricier alternatives at Amazon and Co.

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Using your charger won’t harm the phone nor battery.
It will just take longer to charge the phone. So, if faster charging is important to you, try to get a better one. Otherwise, just keep the one you have :slightly_smiling_face:


There is a possibility that I’d you are using the phone whilst charging it’ll use more power than the charger can provide this will still use the battery rather than charge it. Slow charges can help the battery last longer, however too slow a charge can cause other issues such as not charging, or taking a very long time to charge.

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With “too slow a charge”, you probably mean (too) little power provided by the charger, right?

Exactly, is recommend a 1 or 2 amp charger, or one with a fast charge capability as mentioned earlier in the thread. Having multiple chargers can be useful, eg leaving one in your bag whilst traveling.