Always ring for certain contacts

Is there some way I can make it so that whenever certain contacts call, the phone always rings audibly, regardless of any other notification settings? So even if I’m on silent or vibrate and a call comes in from my wife, I hear the ringtone? I’m running Android 10, with the latest available patch.

In Android 7 there’s a setting under Sound -> Do not disturb -> Allow as priority where you can choose that you want calls from people “with star” to be prioritised. I believe this will override the do-not-disturb setting, although I haven’t tried this myself. Does this no longer work on Android 10?


At least in /e/ Android 10 it’s there, don’t know about Fairphone OS.
(Settings - Sound - Advanced - Do not disturb - See all exceptions - Allow calls - Allow calls - From starred contacts only. If this gets enabled, a new entry “Starred contacts” appears where you can star the contacts.)


Yes, that setting is there in Fairphone OS 10. Thanks a lot!


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