Always have to select contact twice to make a call

When I want to select a contact for a call, I always have to select it twice. For example, if I select a name (or type a name), it instantly disappears, so I have to select (or type) the contact again. What also happens, is when I select the simcard with wich I want to do the call, I have to recommence. Very annoying! I thought that the update would fix this, but i still occurs. More people with this problem?Or how to fix this? Thanks!

I cannot reproduce this behavior. When I open the caller app and click a contact, the phone establishes the call.

I just tested after changing my settings. Because I also use the Fritz!Fon -APP that asks me even before selecting the SIM card I couldnot hardly stand to select so many issues before making a call. Fortunately my original phone dialer and contact list works. They are so primitivly simple in FP2 that I wonder why I didnot replace them by my other APP. Subsequently I would recommend to you taking another phone or contact APP to proove this bug.

I’m sorry, the problem seems - however - to be fixed by the update. I had to restart the phone again, and now it works again perfect.
Thanks anyway for the help.


Very peculiar how this case also solved itself easily. I would have bet that every update only needs one final restart that I also suggested in your case to have passed (automatically?) . If your incident happened hours after the update was closed for you I would be suspicious if this case was really closed only by another restart. I hope it for you.

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