Alternative email provider

I am looking for a stand alone email address that is ecologically friendly and so keeps in the same spirit as the phone aka renewable energy important. Please will you help and give me some suggestions

Posteo.de It costs € 1 per month.
You can change the .de like I have done so my email address with them end with .nl as I live in the Netherlands.


I use Posteo, which is a german mail provider. It is exactly what you are looking for I think. It is powered only by renewable energy, is privacy-friendly, they support associations if I’m not mistaken… I even remember they were presrnting the Fairphone 2 to people in their lab in Berlin. Explanations are displayed on their home page :slightly_smiling_face: It costs one euro a month.

Edit: Lidwien was a few seconds quicker…


If you sign up from the english or french page, you get an address with .net. And IIRC I don’t tkink you can change it, apart if you use an alias.

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@alex21 You are right. One gets an address with .net and can you make an alias with .nl
I always immediately make an alias, I never use the main email address.

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Thank you I just done this xx


I highly recommend Mailbox.org (based in Berlin).