Alternative Agenda App (now Sunrise is going to go)

Sadly enough Sunrise AM is being shut down.
I used this calendar app for over a year but now have to switch to something new.

What are people using (aside Google calendar).

I am looking for something that can also import FB events.

Well, it depends on what you need :slight_smile:
If you simply want a way to store events on the phone without synchronizing to the net, you could install Offlline Calendar, which creates one or more calendars on the phone completely offline and without any synchronization with online calendars.
If you also need a way to store events on the net, you can use DAVdroid and create calendars somewhere (I installed ownCloud on my personal hosting, linked with my domain) and then have an online Google-free calendar :slight_smile:
Plus I deactivated the standard Calendar app (I’m on Open OS 16.04) and installed Etar which I find nicer than the standard app

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I’ve been using Business Calendar 2. Lots of features, very customisable. I don’t use FB so can’t comment on that.

Thanks for the tips @DjDas and @BroX

I will try etar. I am also on Open OS so can play a bit with it.

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