Alot of Apps keep stopping and delete themselves (Discord, Netflix, etc.)

Today i got my FP3 and while setting it up i noticed alot of Apps (like Discord, Netflix, Prime video) either dont start up or crash before loading up. After restarting the phone, they deleted themselves.
I figured it might have been an issue with the SD card, but even after switching to the internal storage, nothing changes. I also reinstalled the Apps multiple times and emptied the cache.
does anyone have the same problem or a solution ?
thanks in advance, Cedric.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.
Did you remove the SD card or format it as mobile storage? Because there is an issue with Android 10 and SD card as internal storage, that might cause errors like this.


Formating into Mobile storage resolved the issue! thank you!


I also invite you to #contactsupport to help Fairphone solve the issue, as I said here:



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