Almost nothing works!

Received a new fairphone 2 today. After they told me everything is going to be alright with a new one after my first one literally had one problem after another (or at the same time). Well that was a lie! The hull is still not manageable to fit properly on the phone. It gets loose and deformed pretty quick additionally. When charging via USB from a normal power plug the screen doesn’t work. It just freezes. Still!

Immediatley called them. After 20 min. of calling nobody answers the phone, even though it’s official hours. Guys what are you thinking about this? What am I to do? I just want a phone I can use like normal persons do, you know. I support the overall Idea of Fairphone. Doing something for the greater good, fair payments, ecological and social responsibility and so on. But what is it worth if my phone doesn’t work? A functioning phone I can actually use is also the reason I bought it and paid way more than other phones in this league (besides the greater good thing)…
So any suggestions? I want a functioning phone or my money back!


It’s most likely the cable’s fault. You need a good quality USB data (4 threaded) cable. You may have to test many to find one that works properly and once you found one take very good care of it.

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The hull is not easy to put on, but once it is there it stays.
Long fingernails were very useful to pull the rim over all edges
I suspect i should always have a spare one.

Regarding the usb socket, I must plug it in very carefully and with precision. The advantage of this inconvenience is that it is not loose. Should it break due to mishandling I could replace the bottom module. Guess I have to always have a spare one of that too :wink:

I totally agree with thejako. The FP2 is really disappointing. And this is not because I expect the newest state of the art technology (that the FP2 of course doesn’t come up with), but I expect a phone that I can work with. That means I can at least make calls, use the calendar etc. I really paid a lot more than I could actually afford. But I did that, because I believe that things should be as expensive as the need to be in order to be socially and ecologically sustainable. But for that money I wanted to get a mobile phone that should be good for the next years. Now after six months, my phone freezes and reboots whenever it feels like it. It takes minutes than to be back. And I can never hang up the phone. In phonemail mode the screen won’t react at all.
If there is no update available soon, that solves this problems, we will need to find a solution to get at least some of the money back. Because this phone has really big problems.
And this is really a pity. I hoped that I can tell everybody how great it is to have a fair phone because it is sustainable and it works. Unfortunately I can’t do that. I have to tell everybody who asks, that this is a phone you can’t trust. You never know if it allows you to work with it.
Dear FP2 developers. Please get the things sorted!!!


Yeah right dude. Everybodys fault but fairphones. Seriously I tried so many cables you can’t imagine. Yesterday I tried the car-charger. It works with all phones in my family, except the fairphone. And we got many different ones. And it gets worse: The unfairphone lost all of the battery, got overheated and had some resets in the settings. Can you explain me, why 5 phones don’t have this problem but fairphone has?

so what does a second one help if you don’t get it on too (as a normal man and not a woman who has 2 cm fingernails). The hull is just another evidence of incapacity. Thanks fairphone for not admitting anything.

mate. in some kind of way it’s funny because I have exactly the same problems you described. exactly!
I have been on the phone calling fairphone (hanging in the loop included) more than 4 hours summed up the last couple of days. no joke. in the end an employee told me I can get a refund as one of three options. I immediately agreed to that one. he told me he is going to arrange it. 10 min. later I got an email in which they told me “sorry for the false information. at the moment that’s not possible”

Lucas, I hope for you and me that they will get at lost most of the issues fixed in the near future. But that’s the optimist speaking in me.
What really bothers me is that they won’t admit anything. Nothing!!
Regards Jakob (german as well)

additionally to the previous post: I got the screenshot of the history of battery use. So if anyone wants to see it I can upload it. It shows that the battery massively uncharged during a couple of minutes.

Hi everybody,

Like you, I have many many problems with my FP 2, and it’s always impossible to join the FP’s team.
I’m tired to read posts, tired to try things or handlings.
Now i’m used to record the problems, the bugs, about the screen and everything, maybe the best solution is to post my videos on internet, or to send the videos to some journalists. The warantee is not eternal and the communication seems weak between the “fairphowners” and the fairphone’s team.
It’s sad if we have to do so to have a product that “works” .

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Hi Elena,
that’s your right. do it! let the world know what the fairphone 2 can and can’t do. sending me a link afterwards would be great :wink:

I absolutely agree with you. Unfortunately. I start to see the purchase of my FP2 as a donation. Just now, just as one example, I had to let my metro drive away cause I saw that they were checking for tickets and my phone had frozen. The 4th time today. And I store all my tickets on my cellphone usually. Also I threw away a fully functional headphone because all of a sudden one of the earpieces wasn’t working properly anymore. Sure I thought it were the headphones… But again it is the FP2 because I have the same problem with all headphones. So I can’t listen to music now or only with strange noises in one ear, which is a huge no for me. And these are only examples. This is such a good idea and project, but if it doesn’t work, people won’t buy it and that’s how you harm and destroy the overall cause. It’s sad but true that most people are even more convenient than we are and if you want to make them buy the FP, which is the aim I understand, you need to try harder and don’t hide behind the general idea and pioneer character of the project. I need my phone to work, sorry :frowning:


rehusi, thanks for sharing. I had similar moneycosting experiences with my FP2. It’s just not reliable. Not at all. But it should be (at least halfway decent), because otherwise it doesn’t deserve the name smartphone. And I seriously think most of the workers of fairphone work hard. But apparently it’s just not hard enough. Or they doing something crucially wrong…
I’m getting more disappointed each day. But it’s not too late fro them to fix things in a way

Am having multiple problems as well and have sent the phone for repair only for problems to resurface. The fact that you have to wait 3+ weeks for an answer doesn’t help either. I bought this phone as a birthday present to myself almost a year ago) though I earn very little. Now I am thinking of selling it and just accepting that the money lost was a donation to a good idea. A second hand smartphone that works is equally or more sustainable so that’s not a problem. But I’m also hesitant about selling a phone that doesn’t work as it should. That’s like doing a fairphone on the buyer. If fairphone had a more open communication policy (addressing the multiple problems that are being mentioned and explaing how, when and by whom they will be solved) and a customer service that deserves its name maybe I would feel different, but the way it stands I just feel put off and often treated with indifference. I have already spent too much time on this forum reading through posts searching for solutions to problems that I shouldn’t have to fix. For the record, three friends of mine who had tentative plans to buy a fairphone have already renounced after witnessing the problems I have had.

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I totally agree with you. And it just bothers me that they make you feel like you are the only person with these problems. So that you had bad luck or doing something wrong with your phone. But everybody has them. They don’t admit anything…I get frustrated and I will try everything to get refund if they don’t get **** together