(Almost) Blank lock screen


My fairphone has an issue where sometimes (maybe once a day) when waking the phone, instead of showing the lock screen background, the screen is black. The status bar is still showing, however. I cannot unlock by swiping the screen up, as i normally would, but I am able to unlock my phone by draging down the status bar and long pressing a setting (bluetooth for instance). This prompts the pattern to unlock the phone. The issue persists the next time i lock my phone.

I have found two fixes: rebooting the phone, or attempting to making a phone call (i hang up immidiately before the connection is started). I will check whether it is my launcher that creates the issue (Nova Launcher) and come with an update. In the meantime, if anyone has experienced anything similar please reach out!

I happened to experience the same on a Fairphone 5 (Build number FP5.TT3L.A.106.20230918) yesterday. Do these screenshots look similar to how your screen did?

Difference to your case: I have no lock screen activated on this device (demo device loaned to me from Fairphone).

I believe my way out of this was waiting until the prompt (screenshot 2) appeared and choose “Close app”.

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That looks very similar! I’ve used the default launcher the last days, and the issue still persist. No idea what could be causing it. Screenshot of issue below.

Issue disappeared after updating to Android 13

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