All the problems I have had with the FP2 so far after 4 months

Hello, I bought my Fairphone in April and in these 4 months I have changed the battery, back camera and now the buttom module.

First problem I had was the back camera and that was after 3 weeks, it was before the new camera had come out and I thought that it was broken. So I bought the new camera and switched it. Just the day after I had the same problem, the back camera didn’t want to work and it only worked when I pressed the bottum part of it.
I figured out that it was the plastic cover that was the problem, I guess it presses on the camera in a weird way that makes it so it dosn’t work.
How I make it work now is that I pressed on the buttom until that dosen’t work anymore and after that I shut it down. I take of the back cover and start the phone again, sometimes that work and sometimes it dosen’t, somtimes I have to press on it even when I restart the phone.

Second problem is the battery, I let it load when I sleep and start using it for like 30min when I get to work at 6:30 and already it’s at like 60%. After that I use it to listen to a podcast, but it’s locked so the screen is not on and it’s down at 50-40% at lunch. I use at lunch for 30-40min and the battery is already down to 30-20%.
I don’t play any games, I just use it to look at Fb, Instagram, Reddit or listen to a podcast or music.

Third problem I have had with it is that it reacts to my leg when it in my poket at work, so I can feel sometimes that it’s vibrating and when I take it up to look it has jumped in the the unlock screen and it typing in numbers as it touches my leg when I walk.
I got industrial work pants, so the fabric isn’t that thin.

Fourth problem is the loading module, I can’t load it anymore unless I have a pen under the little load thingy connected to the phone. It is needed to be pressed up, I have been really careful and it still got this bad.

So in general I have been extremely disapponited, I was really excited for this phone. But in the stage it is now the only pluse side it has are the renewable aspect. Everything else is really bad.

Your hardware troubles are not normal, please contactsupport about possible warranty cases.

The official Facebook App is known to wreak all kinds of havoc on the phone … please look for alternatives e.g. here …

Does the phone have problems deactivating the screen when you hold it to your ear, too?
If so … Settings - Maintenance - Proximity sensor.

Else … does your phone deactivate the screen at all when it is inactive?

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