All my contacts are lost after the update

Hi ,
after i was updating my phone yesterday, not only that all my icons were gone, after some time I realised that all of my contacts are gone too! I am panicking right now.

Is there any chance to get my contacts back?

Thanks for your help

Hi all,

having the same problem on my FP 2nd batch. At least not all the contacts created on my Fairphone are gone, but only the connection to the ones I brought over from my iPhone seems to be cut off.
Suggestions welcome!

Thank you and good luck Erich!

You probably have your contacts saved on your Google account.
Try reinstalling the app store (if you didn’t already).

Please look at this cool interactive tutorial.

  • On your home screen tick the settings button (left bottom button)
  • Tick on the widget button
  • Search for widget called Google Apps Installer
  • Place it on a screen where is room or on a new screen
  • Tick on the widget to start the download and install it
  • If it asks for superuser access make sure to give it permanently

After the installation you will need to fill in your Google account and your contacts will sync again (synchronization might take a while).

Cheers :]

Didn’t work for me. In the Phone environment, it only shows phone numbers in my call history and it says “No contacts” when looking for contacts. Also, in Whatsapp, it only shows phone numbers.
When I open the app called People, it shows all my Google contacts correctly. So they are there somewhere.

EDIT: after waiting for somewhere between 15-30 minutes, my contacts are shown normally again.

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