All icons have disappeared

My son erased all of my icons by accident. Can’t find any way to bring them back? Phone/email/messages/browser/camera/google play…can’t even find fairphone updater.

I renamed your topic to make it easier for others to help you.

Have a look into the users guide :

Probably, he only removed the widgets from the homescreen, not the apps. So you simply swipe in in from the side of the screen to open the launcher. There should be all your apps. Hold over an icon to drag it onto the home screen.

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Thanks Ben, the ‘quick access’ and ‘your apps panel’ have disappeared. If someone messages or phones me, I can use that to access the phone or message functions, but otherwise with the icons deleted I can’t find them. Bizarrely they appear if I pull in from the right hand corner diagonally, but won’t stay and disappear like ghosts.

So if you swipe from left to right you see 5 empty circles instead of apps? then swipe from right to left again and don’t release until you see a pencil symbol. Release your finger on the pencil symbol and you’ll be able to choose apps to fill the cycles.

No just an empty page. I have gone to edit, and the apps are still there in the edit page, but then when I exit it and go back to quick access and home page there is just nothing. I tried taking them out of the edit boxes to put them in the general population of page 3/4, but that doesn’t work either.

I don’t really follow. Could you upload a screenshot please?

Can it be that your son accidentally installed Stock Android?

In this case, I would recommend you to install Fairphone OS manually to get back the widgets.

Sorry Paul. I can’t upload the screen shots, due to general technical inability.
But, screen 1 - completely blank, screen two - normal, screen three - peace of mind etc.
So Stefan, I don’t think he has installed Stock Android, I think that somehow the homepage has been completely deleted including its framework of quick access etc. The phone still thinks they are there when I go to the edit function, but they are not.
I guess the question is, can I move them from the edit page back onto any page? Or can I reinstall the homepage/quick-access page? (without reinstalling everything manually as I am really remedial regarding phones)

Ah, I think I get it now! :slight_smile:

If the “edit page” is the page, where you see all the widgets, then you can get them to your home screen by pressing and holding a widget. You will then be able to position it on your home screens again.

All the widgets are in place in the home screen circles on the edit page, but when I get to the actual homepage it is just blank…

I still don’t fully understand what exactly it is you struggle with, but I believe this video tutorial might help:

Thanks Paul, that has sorted it. Still no quick access function or most used apps, but at least I have been able to transfer phone and messaging widgets back to the homepage! Thank-you both for bearing with me :smile:
I think I might be a frequent flyer on this page…

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For the quick access (aka edge swipe) you have to swipe in from one edge inside (not starting somewhere in the middle like when you flick to another homescreen.
That’s what I meant with the five circles.

Aah, thanks! I’ve got it now!

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