All Buttons dont work anymore

Please Help, my Phone looses its usability. My Problems started with the Ghost inputs (Ghost inputs on FP4 - #371 by zioiogiozeburer)
I had replaced my Screen but the Ghost Inputs come after few weeks back. This is about 2 Months a unchanged behavior. But now the 3 buttons seems to stop working, the volume buttons are complely death, the power button works one press from 20. After it waked up the fingerprints works to unlock the phone. A Reboot did not change anything.
To fix it i searched for a loose Connection, but the thin cable goes under the camera module connects along.
Is there a way to clean a Connector?
My search in the forum did not list any issue like mine.

Edit: i forgot to explain: in the service menu under Keyboard Test none of the buttons work exept the power button sometimes

Please help thanks Peter

I’m just wondering what might have caused this. Could be corrosion, could be mechanical stress, a manufacturing defect, … Taking the “buttons” problem along with the “ghost inputs” I would favour mechanical stress. Would you mind describing a little the phone’s usual environment?

  • Is it frequently exposed to damp conditions? If so, it will likely need disassembling, thorough cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and then a good period to dry. Always avoid moisture as much as possible. If you’re regularly in damp conditions, a sealed bag with a sachet or two of silica gel might be helpful.
  • Whereabouts on your person do you usually carry the phone? Cycle mount? Jacket or coat pocket? Bag or briefcase? Back pocket of jeans?
  • Has the phone received any mechanical shock (such as dropping on the floor) or stress (such as getting under a pile of heavy books, or a heavy suitcase …)?

And this is about a FP4, right? (I ask since you used to have a FP3). If it’s a FP4 it will presumably still be under guarantee; in all cases you should #contactsupport .

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