All about the casing of the phone, the material of it and whether protection is needed

I instantly got inspired by the green casing of the Fairphone 4 since I have a laser cutter at my job which can also engrave plastics - But I need to know the material of the casing first, what color this material underneath the green finish is and how well the casing protects the phone from damage, so if I need the protective soft case or not. I’ll appreciate any help I can get!

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You will find more detail if you search the forum

  • The underlying plastic for the back cover is grey, the green and speckled are just thin coatings.

  • For a definitive answer on the exact makeup of the plastic I suggest yo contact Fairphone officially as this is primarily a user forum and Fairphone are unlikely to read your post or answer it.

  • There are some reports were people have damaged the back cover, the little protrusions that click in the main case notches.

  • No one can tell you what you need. It’s down to
    a) the look and feel preference and
    b) your use issue regarding how and where you throw it around

Just chiming in - The back cover is very thin, so forget it if you plan on engraving it. Mine (gray FP4) is thin plastic with a nice rubberized surface which provides a nice grip.

As for the need for a case, as amun said it depends on your use. Myself (mostly an office critter) I don’t even use a soft case, just a slip-in pouch to avoid scratching it when in my pocket.
It does look and feel solid, and AFAIK the inner chassis is metal, so it definitely should be more solid than the usual all-glass, glued-together fare you see nowadays. That been said the screen is as exposed as on any smartphone, so if you plan on dropping it, or using it in a “hostile” environment, adequate protection might be necessary.


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