Alerts for text messages not sounding

What am I missing?

I am not getting an audible alert when a text message comes in.

I am not getting the dot on the messages icon either.

I think I have all the right settings what am I likely to have missed?

I have set “All Messages notifications” to On.

Was this always the case or does this happen after the Android 13 upgrade? Check if the notification sound you initially selected still exist.


Thanks for that. This has occurred since before Android 13. I cannot remember when it started. I have checked the sound, Adara. It exists.


When you select the sound in the settings, it should be played at this moment as well. Does this happen for you? Maybe you have switch to another sound and then back to have it play, I’m not sure.


Yes, it does. It plays when I touch the sound select dot.

With a bit of searching I found this rather generic “guide”: Notification Sound Not Working on Android; Here's How to Fix - Nextgenphone
You’ve probably already worked through most of them one way or another, but it can’t hurt to try them one-by-one just to be sure - that is: All except for the last stepReset the device to Factory Settings”! That you should only do if you’re fine with losing all your data on the phone. So this is really a last resort option.

I’m also not sure if the received messages will persist if you delete the messages app in the 5th step. If you can live with that, there should be no other side-effects. Otherwise you might want to backup important messages first.


Thanks for the tip!

I have been thinking that it might come to that.

My phone’s backed up with that nice Mr Google do that shouldn’t be a problem and while I’m about it I might revert to Android 12!


Did you try another mesages app instead of directly performing a factory reset? With QKSMS you can even back-up

Just to be clear: I’m absolutely not recommending to do a factory reset at this point! There are still other things to try before for sure.

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