Alarm on Fairphone 5 on /e/os not working

Hi, I’m just getting started with my Fairphone 5. I’ve set two repeat alarms (daily). Today, neither of them went off, and there was no notification. I tried setting a test alarm 20 minutes in advance, and that one did work.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

Was do not disturb enabled? And if so, is alarm selected to still work?

I have an alarm set up which is working flawlessly since months.

Was your phone on at the time it should have rung ?

Was your phone on at the time it should have rung?

Yes, on but ‘dormant’, i.e., not in use.

Was do not disturb enabled?

No, it wasn’t. And again this morning the alarm didn’t go off.

Is it not working or silently ringing ? There is no reason it works if you set an alarm 20 minutes later or 20 hours after.

Could you post a screenshot of your alarm setting ?

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I have one more clue: it looks like one-off alarms do work, but those set to ring regularly, i.e., daily or on weekdays etc., don’t work. The settings are really basic, nothing special.

Please share a screenshot of those working.

Aha! Someone on the Murena forum suggested clearing the storage/cache of the ‘Clock’ app, and then trying again. That seems to have done the trick.

Great you found a solution. May I ask you to mention your OS in the future ? Settings are a bit different in Murena OS from the Android version installed by Fairphone :sweat_smile:

Whoops, forgot to say /e/os. Sorry!

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