Alarm not ringing, sound was apparently turned off


I woke up today to a missed alarm and a notification about it. According to the notification, sound was apparently deactivated (not sure if this is the exact message in English since my phone is set in French - it said “le son était coupé”). I must have unintentionally changed some settings but have no idea what/how. Can anyone tell me what happened, and how I can make sure this never happens again?


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Given you may have install some apps over the basic OS and not knowing your full use it would be a nightmare trying to analyse how you got into such a situation.

Maybe someone has had a similar issue and may help, otherwise post back if it happens again and keep a track of what changes you make and what apps use.

If it occurs again try running in safe mode for a while to see if it happens there etc.

Only I could think of without knowing more about your use case is that the ringtone is set to soundless

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