Alarm in Clock app almost inaudible

I recently upgraded my Fairphone to Android 6.0, but now I encountered a problem with the alarm in the android clock app. Even at the highest volume, the alarm is barely audible. The volume is so low that even the noise of the phone vibrating is higher.

Here is some additional information, I don’t know if anything of this is relevant:

  • I verified that ‘Do not disturb’ mode isn’t enabled.
  • I verified that the alarm is set to the highest possible volume.
  • I tested different ringtones, all of them are affected.
  • When switching ringtones, the phone shortly plays a preview of the ringtone. This preview isn’t affected by the low volume, it’s played at the proper volume.
  • I tried to create a new alarm in the clock. New alarms are also affected by the low volume.
  • I tested other apps, all of them play at a proper volume.
  • I tried to restart the phone, which didn’t fix the issue.

Does anybody have any suggestion how this could be fixed? Or what I could try to fix it?

I can just say, mine works as fine as with Android 5.1 with same grade of volume (not the highest, still fairly loud enough, for most built-in sounds).

Are you sure you’re not mixing up media volume, alarm volume and ring volume? They are independent of each other.

Yes, I’m aware of the difference. I also tested it by increasing all three volumes to the maximum, but that doesn’t solve the issue.

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