Alarm icon doesn't disappear

Is there a solution for the alarm icon to disappear when we deactivate the alarm without going into the native Clock app (FP Open OS)? (Location not activated)

Can you elaborate further or provide a screenshot of what you mean?

If there was an alarm and it got turned off, but there is an alarm scheduled after that e.g. same time next day … the alarm icon in the status bar would stay to hint at the next alarm.
If there was a single alarm without another alarm scheduled after that, and this alarm got turned off … the alarm icon in the status bar should be gone.

This is not the case for you?

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Indeed, I mean that: I display the icon at the top left of my mobile phone screen that has an alarm programmed (only one) and I cancel it (without opening the native Clock app), but the alarm icon keeps appearing (at the top left of the mobile phone screen, and sometimes also at the top right).

A quick Google search suggests that the alarm icon only means that something is scheduled, an alarm of the clock Widget being only one possibility out of many.
Any suitable App could trigger this icon … scheduled events in a calendar App, scheduled recordings in a radio App, prayer scheduling …

Could you look for Apps on your phone which are able to schedule stuff, and have a look at whether something actually is scheduled in them?

When this happens, I haven’t had anything programmed in the phone that you’re talking about. Also, something significant has been that I have entered the Clock application and immediately the alarm icon (which is also shaped like a clock so I’m not sure what you’re saying) has disappeared.

Maybe you could try to clear the cache of the clock-app.

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