Alarm goes of every evening at 20.00 o'clock

my alarm rings every night at 20.00 uur. of course i checked the alarmsettings, but all alarms are switched off. I checked all the apps (even changed time to see if its a ‘internet’ thing). Nothing appears on the screen when the alarm goes of. It rings since the day i got my phone. The alarm stops automatically after a few seconds.
Anyone else with this problem and knowledge how to solve this?

I would advise going to settings/applications , look for the clock app and reset its data

Is it the same sound as a normal alarm?

Did it ring at the real time or when the phone was set to 20:00 then?

If you unlock the phone are there no notifications at all?

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Nothing appears on the screen. Not when screen is ‘on’ and not when screen is black. While resetting the time the alarm dit not go off. So it seems to be not a app.
The sound of the alarm is a different sound then i can find on my phone.

i did that, but that did NOT fix the problem.

So what does the alarm sound like ?
Do you confirm this sound is not available in the rings list ?

You might look for all sound files in your phone, find the one you hear at 20h, and simply delete it.
And the folder it will be in, can also give you a hint on which is the guilty app :slight_smile:

it sounds as a lot of noice, for about 3 seconds. a melody. I don’t see the sound in the rings-list, and cannot find it anywhere else.
its kind of a mysterie…

can you have another phone or camera ready at 20h, and record a video of that alarm ?

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To find out which app causes the alarm, you could put your phone in priority mode and play around with the notifications. First allow only notifications you really need like alarm clock, calls, messangers etc. And then, every day around 8 o’clock allow some others. If you find the culprit, you can set its notifications to “none”.

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